"Pamporovo-Ski" emerged in the world market in 1975, having more than 30 years of genuine ski manufacturing experience in the ski production industry. At first the ski trade mark was called "Pamporovo", named after one of the famous ski resorts, situated nearby.

For a period of 10 years since 1980 the company works in partnership with the Austrian leading manufacturer "Atomic", having bought its "know how" for the newly developed brand "Mladost". A whole generation associates the only Bulgarian ski manufacturer with this name. In the early 90's the company cannot rely on the declining Eastern European ski market. Constantly developing its production technology it produces small quantities for many different clients - from small Northern and Eastern European retailers to one of the biggest and famous companies in Japan and North America. At that time it develops its newest brand ORION, which becomes the symbol of the Bulgarian ski and snowboard production today.

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